Episode 158 July 08, 2024 00:55:51
Jeton Records Radio Show

Jul 08 2024 | 00:55:51


Show Notes

The 158th episode of the Jeton Records Radio Show welcomes TIMEKUBE from California, USA.


Josh Fabian, known as TIMEKUBE, is an American Techno Producer/DJ from Los Angeles and San Salvador. Now based in the greater LA area, he's emerging in the southern California electronic music scene. TIMEKUBE's energetic, melodic, and dark productions draw from 90s and 2000s rave sounds, blending hip-hop, baroque, and cumbia influences. Supported by industry leaders like Spartaque and Amelie Lens, his music has gained notable local recognition.


Just before his debut EP “Beverly Pill$” out this month on Jeton, many thanks again to TIMEKUBE for sending this exclusive mix for Jeton Records Radio Show. Enjoy!



1. TIMEKUBE - Rebirth [Operandi]

2. TIMEKUBE - WNTR [Operandi]

3. TIMEKUBE - U&I [Jeton]

4. TIMEKUBE - Mammoth [SayWhat?]

5. TIMEKUBE - Parizz (Luis Miranda Remix) [KneadedPains]

6. TIMEKUBE - BeverlyPill$ [Jeton]

7. TIMEKUBE - Tunnel [unreleased]

8. TIMEKUBE - Feeling$ [unreleased]

9. TIMEKUBE - Freaks [Kneaded Pains]

10. Bluer & Mb1 - ID

11. Bleur & Mb1 - ID

12. Bruce Zalcer - Bonedust Avenue [Kneaded Pains]

13. Ramon Tapia - ID 

14. TIMEKUBE - ReFORM [Kneaded Pains]

15. TIMEKUBE - Lust [Kneaded Pains]

16. William Arist - Mars Attacks [Truncate]

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